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Is IT Ethical?

with the President of the BCS

BCS, 5 Southampton St, London WC2E 7HA
Wednesday 5 September 2018 Event Start 18:30

**This event is relevant for everyone interested in making IT good for society**

All Welcome. Free Event. Limited Spaces Available.

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We are all witness to the ‘fast-forward’ advance and proliferation of information and communication technologies in our world – IT-related people, organisations, products, services, processes, environments...

But as well as ‘fast-forward’, don’t we need ‘pause’, ‘replay’ and ‘stop’ buttons?

Shouldn’t our focus on technical and financial aspects be balanced by ethical, moral and other considerations?

Come to this event to meet BCS President Chris Rees talking about ‘Ethics’ - key theme for his year in office – and join the panel discussion with Chris and our other speakers about this important topic.

Our presenters are:

  • CHRIS REES - President, BCS
    Topic: The Ethics of AI and IT
  • KAMAL KHAN – Director, ISACA London Chapter
    Topic: IT and Ethics – different approaches
  • DAVID YARDLEY – IT Consultant, Capgemini
    Topic: Practical Consultancy Ethics


    BCS North London Branch