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Deep Dark Web

- out of sight, out of mind?

BCS, 5 Southampton St, London WC2E 7HA
Wednesday 9 January 2019
 Start 18:30

** In association with ISACA London Chapter **
**This event is relevant for all interested in the Internet and its implications for work and society**

All Welcome (especially BCS and ISACA members). Free Event. Limited Spaces

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Heard about the Dark Web? Why worry about it?

Don’t miss this exciting event!
What is hidden in the internet?
What are TOR, Dark Web and Deep Web?
What tools and techniques can be used for access?
What are the risks of surfing and interacting in the dark web?
How can organisations control staff accessing the dark web from work?

At this exciting interactive session, our internationally renowned expert guide will show and explain many aspects of the hidden dimensions of the Internet which are increasingly impacting our world.

Our presenter:

  • Professor CLAUDIO CILLI, University of Rome
    He is also President of ISACA Rome Chapter

    Claudio is an internationally renowned expert and consultant on cyber warfare, Internet and IT governance. He has spoken at many ISACA, CSX cybersecurity and other conferences, and advises European and US security organisations.

  • Food and drink with networking after the event.

    BCS North London Branch