DevOps – Fast Forward – Catch the Buzz!

BCS, 5 Southampton St, Covent Garden, London WC2E 7HA
29 March 2017 18:00 for 18:30 start

**This event is in association with Infinity Works **

**This event is relevant for everyone in today’s busy IT (or other) work environment**

All Welcome. Free Event.

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Welcome to the new world of Agile IT for innovative business benefit - fast Think, fast Design, fast Build, fast Test, fast Deployment!

Our guide to this world of innovation and entrepreneurship is
 Paul Henshaw, Director at Infinity Works Consulting.


Infinity Works is a collective of innovative engineers and technologists with the intelligence to devise the right solution, the skills to build it and the ability to help you embed it - to drive real change in your organisation. They provide leading-edge software and project delivery within public and private sectors including Finance, Telcos, Health and Entertainment. Three case studies will present aspects of some key projects Infinity Works are engaged in across various technology sectors – showcasing an innovative approach to software and product delivery and the infrastructure choices that underpin them.

* Super 6 – New Adventures in DevOps
Infinity Works run, operate and evolve the Super 6 ‘free to play’ game for Sky Bet. Paul Henshaw and Ed Marshall (Principal Consultant) describe challenges in standing up the live service on the cloud ready for the new football season, plus some of the technology choices and lessons learned along the way!

*Starling Bank - Building a bank from the ground up!
A brief overview of a new startup bank, and its aims and objectives in the coming year. Infinity Works have been working with Starling Bank to establish infrastructure capability, technology and processes that will underpin their launch. Infinity Works’ Michael Lee and Stein Fletcher will discuss/demo how we can spin the bank’s cloud infrastructure up from scratch in minutes!

* SUS+ - Challenging perceptions of NHS IT
There is something of a technical renaissance going on in NHS Digital - where things are being done ‘properly’, learning from past experiences. On SUS+ NHS Digital have built a highly resilient multi-data centre data processing system utilising techniques more often used in the cloud, but with bare metal servers. Ed Hiley (NHS Digital, SUS+ Technical Lead) and Dan Rathbone (Infinity Works’ Technical Director) outline how they’ve built automated performance tests, an immutable infrastructure and a NoSQL data store with support for versioning data on a pivotal national NHS system.

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